Vacuum Cooling Machine

To Make Food Cooling Under Vacuum Situation
Normally, atmosphere at 0 mmHg, water boiling point is at temperature 100℃ (212℉), but low air pressure will appear on the high mountain, at the same time boiling point become in low temperature, which principle is used in machine design and manufacture:

Using vacuum pump to let cooling chamber in minus pressure, and take advantage of low boiling point condition to let moisture contained in the food once more ebullition, then through latent heat evaporate, and to make mass heat air spread out from food, food interior temperature will be cooled down fast and even.

As minus pressure available in the cooling chamber, that there are two types can be used, one is ejector (fluid mechanics) the other is vacuum pump, to establish vacuum condition.

  ・ Cooling to 10℃ lowest temperature, cooling time fast, be able
       to save working time.
  ・ Equipments are occupying in small space.
  ・ To keep working place clean, no any pollution arise.
  ・ After cooling, temperature indicated in even and hygienic
       condition show.
  ・ Easy operation and maintenance.
  ・ According to cooling food condition, to set cooling mode
       in FAST or SLOW.
  ・ Vacuum pump(water type)+steam ejector+water cooling tower
       to be used in this machine. No need air-condition or coolant to
       cut down temperature, can save energy.

・ Ready Meals、Lunch Box、Vegetable、Rice Related、Fish、Meat..etc, 
     Mass Production for Cooling

  ・ Standard Type
  ・ Pass Through Type
  ・ Customize Design & Manufacture